Friday, May 4, 2012

Blog Link-Up

A lot has happened since my last post (obviously).  I am awful about keeping this (or my previous blogs) updated, but I couldn't resist a chance to take part in Kelly's Korner's special Friday link-up.  I read her blog faithfully, and think it would be neat to meet people in our area!

We currently live in Spartanburg, SC.  I am 28, and a former teacher, turned stay-at-home mom to Meredith, who is 4.5 and Mason, who just turned 1 last month.  I grew up in this area, and we moved back last year after living in North Carolina, Ohio and Georgia in the past 5 years.

I'll update with posts from Mason's first birthday (and tidbits from the last 6 months) soon! For my 2 readers! :)

For now, here are some recent pictures of my two babies!
He looks so serious in this one!

"Take my picture, Mama!"

This is what Mason's face looks like when he says "bubbles", which sounds like "BUH-BOO!!"

The two sweetest little ones in the world!


  1. Oh my goodness I get my hair cut in Spartanburg! I'm an upstate girl too! Love to get to know you more!

  2. Hey there! Got ur link off of KK; nice to meet you! I'm from Columbia but hey! nice to meet u anyways lol. Your kids are absolute DOLLS! Can't wait to read more!

    ~ Stephy

  3. Linking up from Kelly's Korner! Looking forward to reading about your family. Your children are so cute! I'm from Greenwood, SC. I'd love it if you'd come visit my blog as well!